With its more than one million visitors annually, Westminster Abbey is one of the must-see tourist destinations in London, England. This 700-year-old building is known as the coronation church of England and houses the tombs of queens, priests, villains, kings, poets, soldiers, heroes and statesmen alike. A total of 17 monarchs have found eternal peace within its walls. More and more people flock to this sacred place for its day-to-day worship and other services.

Daily worship service is regarded the life of the Abbey through the Eucharist, Evensong and Morning Prayer. These religious services are available to all congregations and people from all parts of the globe. Everyone is invited to witness and experience them, no matter what religion or faith they practice. The St. Edward the Confessor Shrine serves as a pilgrimage space for devotees alongside anniversaries and any other special occasions.

Westminster Abbey is considered by many more of a historical site rather than a religious hub, noting the royal coronation taken here since 1066. Westminster Abbey’s history commences in 1050, with the decision of King Edward the Confessor to construct a Norman monastery. The church is among the most significant Gothic buildings across the country, and a medieval Anglo-Saxon saint shrine still exists at its center. Its structure includes a nave, which is the highest in England, cloisters, Chapter house and Henry VII Chapel, or Lady Chapel. The Abbey’s Library and Muniment Room holds all the relevant collections of printed books, manuscripts and archives needed for research regarding the long and rich history of the Abbey.

As burial ground for significant people, such as sovereigns, artists and politicians, the Abbey houses numerous statues, monuments and tombs. Some of the approximately 3,300 famous names buried in its cloisters and church are Sir Isaac Newton, David Livingstone and Charles Darwin.

Many people visit the Abbey primarily because of its spectacular accessible bathroom, communication, venue, building, attraction, booking, catering, events and payment facilities. The exciting and interesting activities here range from festivals to special events, concerts, bell ringing, lectures and to debates. Children are catered with its awesome “School visit to Westminster Abbey” event, inspiring the young minds with beautiful stained glass windows, vivid colors and carvings designed to stimulate emotion and thought.

The Abbey greatly contributes to the cultural and musical life of Great Britain with the association of the illustrious singers, composers and organists. In fact, it has contributed to music day-by-day for more than a thousand years already. The Choir of Westminster Abbey’s daily choral services originates from plainsong Offices sung by the tenth-century monastic foundation.

Before leaving the Abbey, tourists can chose souvenir items at the Westminster Abbey Shop as keepsakes of their visit. The souvenirs are inspired by the history, architecture and life of the Abbey, and the proceeds are used for its mission and fabric maintenance.

Make sure the next stop of your travel will be at Westminster Abbey, and you will surely get the most of your trip.


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  1. You don’t need to be a bit religious to appreciate the beauty and sheer size of Westminster Abbey. If possible, go in there during the worship services, when the whole church hymns with music. The graves are impressive and deserve attention as well.

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