When you travel within Europe, it’s rather common to forget to buy a travel insurance. With the European Health Insurance Card all EU-citizens are entitled to treatment in all other EU countries. But UK is not EU member any more.

The British public health care system is world-renowned. Sadly, not for its quality, but for other reasons. Queues are endless and quality of treatment varies greatly.

When travelling to London, the travel insurance is taken for somewhat different reasons than when travelling to, say, Thailand. Regarding Thailand, you may want to be covered for the worst case scenario of having an accident and either be left without any treatment at all, or having to pay a fortune. In London, you will certainly get first aid, as no-one is left without the necessary treatment. Bigger problem is faced with ordinary minor illnesses or prolonged treatment. Travel insurance is then able to get you by the queues of public health care and can guarantee first-class treatment.

But of course you don’t take travel insurance just for illnesses. The insurance covers many other problematic situations as well, such as missing your flight, losing your baggage or having them damaged. Many travel insurances come with liability insurance.

Many insurance companies give a discount when you purchase travel insurance online. In Finland, this is the case with if travel insurance, which gives a 10 % discount when you sign the agreement online. People living in Finland may also consider Pohjola, as it’s advisable to take your insurance from a company in your own country. The aftermath of compensation claims is easier taken care of in your own language. Travelguard has a Finnish speaking unit and Finnish pages, so I suppose we can almost count it a Finnish company.

If you rent a car in London, please be aware that typical travel insurance doesn’t cover any related damage. A separate insurance contract is signed with the car-rental agent. It’s always worth taking as comprehensive policy as possible. Don’t forget that the Britons drive on the “wrong” side of the road… for most visitors. Should you drive on the right side and cause a problem, the court won’t rule in your favour!

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  1. I am planning to travel to London during the next couple of months but have gotten worried about possible terrorist attacks. There have been some attacks in the past, mostly related to the Northern Ireland situation, but now there seems to be a totally new risk. Naturally travel insurance cannot do you any good in the worst case scenario but what about hospitalization expenses? Since travel insurances often do not cover damages due to natural causes, do they offer full coverage in case of terrorist attack and say loss of tourist’s property?

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