London's double-decker bus

The red double-decker buses are London’s trademark.  Even for those who did not know about them, they were made familiar and famous by the 70s favourite television show On The buses. There has most likely been at least one rerun of the show in your country, in Finland that was during the 90s. Those feeling nostalgic can enjoy the show by purchasing it on DVD.

For tourists, those lovely double-deckers will be more remembered as street decorations than means of convenient transportation. It’s easier to get around by the underground, as one can be sure what their route is and where they will stop.  In the congested center, the buses move slowly and one’s journey is frequently interrupted.

If you have purchased a Travelcard, you are automatically entitled to use the buses as well. One of the very best and cheapest ways to have a sightseeing tour of London is to climb to the upper deck of a bus. The views are excellent and you will get great photos, provided the windows aren’t too dirty. It’s also easy to spot good shopping places and other attractions.

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