Cutty Sark

Visit the Famous British Clipper Ship in London

Planning a trip to London? If you want to see the city’s best, make sure to visit Cutty Sark, Great Britain’s pride and joy! This British clipper ship, built in 1869 on the River Clyde for the Jock Willis Shipping line, is the world’s last surviving tea clipper. In its hey days, it was the fastest vessel of her time. Cutty Sark sailed between China and London to satisfy the empires ever-growing thirst for tea, and naturally plenty went for exports as well. In addition, Cutty Sark has been loaded with wool from Australia and others cargoes, such as wines, spirits and beer, going to various ports around the globe. Being one of the most well-designed and fastest ships of her time, Cutty Sark truly is a marvel that still draws tourists from around the world. To preserve the ship’s legacy, Cutty Sark was later transformed into a Museum ship, and it is still considered a National Historic Fleet. If you have always dreamed of venturing aboard and underneath one of the world’s last surviving tea clippers, you have got to include Cutty Sark in your itinerary.

On board Cutty Sark:

You may fall in love with this beauty right at the first glance. Years of upkeep has kept this legendary ship in great shape. If you have the soul of a sailor, this is where you will discover what life was truly like on board this 19th Century sailing ship. Imagine walking on the deck in the footsteps of the merchant seamen who would sail Cutty Sark more than a century ago! Here, you can explore the ship’s history and learn about the cargoes that were transported across the world. Later, you can stand directly underneath the ship and stare in wonderment at the elegant lines on the copper hull that made this ship one of the fastest of her time!

Family fun at its best:

If you are visiting with your family, Cutty Sark will offer you a fun filled day, packed with action and merriment. Your children will not only get to learn, but will also be able to play their sailor selves on board the ship. Let them climb onto the crew’s bunk beds or steer the ship’s wheel. You can also take them to greet the ship’s famous figurehead named Nannie the Witch! Cutty Sark offers a fascinating free family trail, and you can even borrow a backpack filled with stories and toys. Don’t forget to explore the games and interactive displays, which children find really fascinating.

Events and exhibitions:

An array of different events and exhibitions are hosted on board Cutty Sark. These events take place throughout the year. Some of the common categories of events include Cutty Sark studio theatre, exhibitions, planetarium shows, guided tours, talks and courses, conference and study days, access events, member events and so on. The dates of the specific events are displayed on the website, which you can check out if you are planning to catch a particular event.

Opening Hours:

Cutty Sark is open for tourists from Monday to Sunday, from 10.00 to 17.00. Last admission is accepted till 16.15. The museum ship remains closed for two days in December from 24th to 26th of December.

Ticket prices:

Entry is free for members and children under the age of 5. You may also acquire bundle tickets from other providers present on the site. You can escape the long queue by booking your tickets online through the website. The price of tickets for adults start from £13.50 per ticket, and for children, the price starts from £7.00 per ticket.

Now that you have the necessary info at hand, get ready to enjoy a unique experience on Cutty Sark!