London is a huge city, and shopping choices perfectly reflect that fact. There are stores for every wallet and all tastes.

The best place to start your shopping spree is Oxford Street. The red underground line, Central line, runs more or less along Oxford Street between its Marble Arc and Tottenham Court Road stations. That very same section of the street also happens to be one of London’s busiest shopping areas. In between, there are two underground stations; Oxford Circus and Bond Street. You can find a great description of shopping in Oxford Street here. The street is home to countless famous large department stores, such as Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and John Lewis. If you are looking for affordable clothing, then Primark is your paradise. Shoes and bags are also available there.

Other good shopping areas are Soho and Regent Street, just south of Oxford Street. They are easy to reach, as you can walk south of Oxford Street along Regent or Bond Street. Just a little further away are Queensway, Kensington and King’s Road, which all qualify for nice locations to spend your money.

As method of payment, you are welcome to pay in British pounds (GBP) as well as with all major credit cards. Credit card payments may be subject to additional fees. Some stores even accept euros. In case you wish to pay in euros, do check the exchange rate and be warned that the rate varies from decent to poor between different stores. As the stores don’t want to check and update euro’s daily exchange rate, it is kept below the official one. This is particularly the case where you see the prices marked also in euros.

Specialty stores come in abundance in London. Here, a given store can concentrate on a very narrow selection and yet make a huge profit. There are enough customers in London and Britain alone, not to mention the flocks of tourists. However rare your hobby may be, or whatever you may collect, you are more than likely to find a suitable store in London. It’s advisable finding out the location of stores along your lines of interest already in advance.



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