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London is quite an expensive city to live in. That also applies to tourists: hotels and other accommodation are more expensive in London than, say, in the Mediterranean resorts. The price level is roughly the same with the Nordic capitals. The price range, however, is much wider and in London one can spend the night in luxury hotels costing thousands of pounds per night as well as in hostels charging about 15 pounds. And of course, there is everything in between.

You should not keep away from London simply because you consider its hotels too pricy. On the contrary, you should think what you are willing to compromise. You can stay in central London with a reasonable price but you will have to settle for a modest and small hotel room. Your room may well be so small that it only contains beds and a desk, with hardly any space to move in between. I recall once staying in a room that could not fit my suitcase, and I had to leave it halfway between the hall and the bathroom.

Further away from central London, the hotels are cheaper and/or more spacious. You will have to spend some time and money for transportation. But then again, all sights and shopping places are scattered around the city anyway. You cannot have it all within walking distance and will need to use public transportation. The most important feature of your hotel is that it must be located near the underground system. Transportation with the London underground is easy, cheap and fast. Before booking a hotel, you should find out how much more time and money is needed for daily transportation than reserving a hotel at a better location.

Room service

Experienced European travellers are accustomed to overpriced hotel room services, with prices that are frequently high even compared to the very best restaurants. Every time I have visited London, I have used room service at least once. Prices may not be cheap, but they can be considered reasonable. Room service will most likely cost less than going out in the evening to dine in a medium-priced restaurant. It’s best to buy the drinks from a local store and order just the food from room service. After a long and strenuous day, you will hardly feel like searching for a decent place to dine around your hotel. Especially if you are staying far away from the city center.


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  1. Well, in London one has to compromise when it comes to accommodation, that is sure. You cannot have a central location, within a walking distance from the major sights and shopping options, with a great and moderately priced room. It is either really tiny room or an expensive but proper one. Therefore, if you don’t like either option, you can always search for accommodation further away from the city center. After all, London has an excellent transportation network, and straying close to a tube station solves the problem and dilemma. A nice hotel room or lodging in a B&B place, say, in the Northern suburbs has proven ideal.

  2. Choose your hotel or other accommodation in London with care. I opted for a rather centrally located 2 star hotel, thinking it should be pretty decent. Well, double room turned out to be so tiny, that we could hardly move around in there and finding a place for 2 suitcases was a real task. Shall I tell you about the bathroom? There was no private bathroom and the shared one had a broken lock. It was not so relaxing taking your morning shower wondering who might step in and for what, despite having a reserved sign on the door. Be wiser than me and invest a bit more in an accommodation that at least has a private bathroom and has photos to show of their rooms. It is so easy to book a hotel room through the Internet, but spend a little time comparing.

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