Chelsea Football Club, nicknamed “The Blues”, is a Premier League club from London that was founded in 1905. Brothers Gus and Joseph Mears founded the club at a local pub. Chelsea has come a long way since then, and these days it is known as one of Europe’s largest football clubs. During its history, Chelsea has found success on English and European fields alike. The club has won the Premier League championship five times, the English FA Cup six times, the English Football League Cup four times, and the European UEFA Champions League once.

Since its founding, Chelsea has played all its home matches at Stamford Bridge, which was constructed in 1877, and which has seen numerous renovations through the years. During the first 28 years of its existence, Stamford Bridge hosted various other sporting events, but football wasn’t played there until Chelsea F.C. took residence. The stadium boasts a capacity of 41 837, and thanks to its rather cramped corners, viewers are seated closer to the field than at many other venues.

In the summer of 2003, the team was bought for 140 million pounds sterling by the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, which ushered in Chelsea’s golden age. Under the patronage of its Russian owner, the club has enjoyed financial success as well as success on the field, and its value is currently estimated to be manifold compared to the price that Abramovich paid. He has invested staggering amounts of money into the club, but his investments have paid off. Chelsea’s greatest accomplishments have taken place during Abramovich’s ownership, and the club now boasts some of the world’s most famous and valuable football stars. Chelsea is considered a big player in the modern, massive football player market, where incredible sums of money are traded between clubs.

Chelsea’s new coach, the spirited Italian, Antonio Conte, was hired in July 2016. Conte has retained the team’s trademark defensive game and physical play style. Those traveling to spectate Chelsea games can expect well-organized and tactical football which is a joy to behold.