Over the years, Great Britain and London have had many events to celebrate and brought lots of unique new ideas and inventions to the world. Through all the inventions and transformations of recent history it’s brilliant to see that the works of 1777 and beyond are still standing in the form of Madame Tussaud Wax Museum.

It certainly lives up to the hype – a magnificent piece of London tourism and arguably one of the most famous locations in worldwide tourism. Marie Grosholtz learned to be an artist and a sculptor when she was young, and grew up to be one of the most famous artists of her day.  Her talents were recognized early in France and carried on to the modern day – I’m glad it has, as some of the work which has been carried on since is simply jaw dropping.

The museum first moved to its current location, Marylebone Road, in 1884. A great fire in 1926 damaged many of the old works, but it has went from there to become one of the most famous museums worldwide. There is simply so much to see and do, from waxworks of famous figures throughout history including Abraham Lincoln to sporting luminaries like David Beckham.

The list of stars, in fact, is pretty much endless. The museum has changed hands many times and is even expanding into other cities worldwide. It’s safe to say that the owners of the museum today are every bit as blockbuster as the legends found inside!

It’s not all people you are going to love though, as the statues of the likes of Adolph Hitler adorn the more serious sections of the museum. There are more than 400 different Hall of Famers to see as you go through, seeing Rooney to Radcliffe, Hamilton to Effron. Whatever it is we enjoy doing, there is something in the museum that will simply shock – the quality of the work in general is world-class, truly unmatched.

In fact, the full tour of the museum is roughly two hours long! So for anybody planning to go and see every artwork possible, make sure you clear your afternoon! You can get photographs with your favorite artworks, and visit the niche areas to find some of entertainment and politics biggest names standing there in an almost lifelike form.

So whether the intention is to fool friends into thinking that you met a sporting idol, or the idea of meeting the closest thing to Elvis left alive is your dream, this is the place to be. With ten unique sections to visit and enjoy, you can visit any time but depending on the day, you may find that the times have changed. You can check out the calendar here. However, you can also stay for another 90 minutes after the final admission, so you can still get to see all of your favorites in plenty of time just before closing!

Well worth visiting and by far and away one of the most enjoyable parts of the London tourism experience, and integral cog to one of the most vigorous cities on the planet.


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  1. Madame Tussauds tarjoaa vahanukkeja aivan kaikille pikkulapsista vaareihin, sillä eri aikakausien kuuluisuuksia on esillä. Lapset esimerkiksi tykkäävät Prinsessa Ruususesta tai jalkapalloilija Bechamista, viimeisen vierellä tosin isätkin mielellään poseeravat ja mikseivät eräät äiditkin. Historian ystävät vovat vaihtaa kuulumisia vaikka Winston Churchillin, Napoleonin tai Mahatma Gandhin kanssa ja leffoja rakastavat kysellä Angelina Jolien, Marilyn Monroen tai James Deanin viimeisimmän elokuvan juonesta. Kauhuosastoja kuitenkin välttäisin lasten kanssa liikkuessa, jos sydän on jo heikommassa kunnossa, tai jos näet helposti painajaisia.

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