There are only a few real global cities on Earth. London is definitely one of them, and many regard it the greatest and most beautiful. For hundreds of years, it was the capital of the British Empire, from where half of the planet was ruled. Within 1,500 years, this remote Roman colony became the center of the world.

Today, London is a bustling cultural city and one of the world’s business centers.  Whatever your heart may desire from a city break, you will definitely find it in London.

As we all know, London is the capital of the United Kingdom, which consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain, in turn, refers to Scotland, Wales and England. London is situated in England, which comprises most of the southern part of the British Isles.

London has a population of about 7.5 million, and the larger metropolitan area is estimated to have 12-14 million residents. The whole population of many a small country could fit in London, so we are not talking about a minor city!

London’s cityscape is dominated by the River Thames, which winds its way through the city. Because the Thames is wide and has powerful flow, historically it has been a major obstacle to cross. Today, however, over 200 bridges cross the river and 17 underwater tunnels unite its two sides.

London’s main airport is Heathrow Airport, which is also the largest airport of the UK and world’s busiest node of international flights. Almost 70 million passengers travel through the airport, which is more than the whole population of the United Kingdom. If you have already visited London, you have most likely travelled through Heathrow. With the increase of low-cost flights, smaller airports located near London – such as Gatwick and Stansted – have become increasingly popular.


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  1. I found London a great destination even with kids, even though many cities don’t take their needs into consideration. It was really easy to find something nice to do with my small ones every single day, such as picnics in the wonderful parks, visiting the London Aquarium and the Tower of London. Even some sections of Madame Tussauds are lovely for children, as they can get to meet familiar characters, such as the Sleeping Beauty and plenty of sports starts. London Zoo proved a huge success as well, likewise the Science Museum and my son just adored the Motor Museum.

  2. I happened to be in London on 7/7, when the city remembered all those who died in the terrorist attack on that day. 52 is not just a number, it means that 52 people were violently sent from here to eternity by mass murderers and that the lives of their families changed forever. I watched Prince William, today Duke of Cambridge lay a bouquet of beautiful flowers on the Hyde Park Memorial. The atmosphere was serene an filled with sorrow, as many of the deceased ones’ family members were present. I wish this unique city will never have to experience such an ordeal again.

  3. Even though every major city has its drawbacks, I find London a truly fascinating one. It has such a splendid combination of age-old history and architecture and modern skyscrapers and services. I also adore the fact that the British still keep many of the most famous museums free for everyone, that makes it so easy to spend your days sightseeing without spending a lot of money. You can actually tour the world history and see its marvels without putting your hand in your pocket at all. The only drawback is trying to rent a flat in the central London area for a longer visit, that comes with an astronomical cost!

  4. I am sending my daughter from India to London for studies and need to locate a safe area for accommodation for her. I have read about the dangers on the southern side of London, and would like to get advice as to the northern suburbs. There should be an easy access to the tube and cost should not be very high. We applied for university accommodation but did not manage to get one, and the rents in central London are terribly high so that area is out of question. Is, for example, Crouch End suitable for students? I have located a couple of nice rooms there but there seems to be no underground station there. Is there perhaps a regular bus service to the some underground station?

  5. Hello Supriya, I have personally lived in Crouch End for a year whilst doing my postgraduate degree years ago. The area is peaceful and beautiful and offers both bus service straight to central London as well as access to two underground stations. The closest tube stations are Finsbury Park on the Piccadilly Line (the blue line) and Northern Line’s (black line) Highgate and Archway stations. I would feel confident about sending my child to Crouch End area although the rents are naturally not as low as in Southern London. I recall paying like 70 GBP for a room with a family over a decade ago.

  6. Well, it looks as if the big T (terrorism) of global kind has reached also Britain.I was both stunned and sad to hear about the stabbing in the London underground. People have been aware of a possible threat by IRA whilst in London, although that has been scaling down during the past years.However, the difference here is that now Britain is facing blind violence that also raised its ugly head in Paris a while back and possibly in the US a couple of days ago. I am not going to take the chance of traveling to any large city in the near future, although it seems that we are already sitting ducks everywhere.

  7. Howdy there! I am heading for London in about a month and want to learn about the best places to enjoy local nightlife. I would like some insider advice, and for places that are appropriate even for a bit more mature people. I am not looking for places to get drunk, but to pass some quality time, perhaps having a drink or two with some program?

  8. Here is what Samuel Johnson, a writer, has said about London: ”When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford!” Quite agree with him, how about you?

  9. The list of attractions/sights is rather impressive, but should also include the Tate Modern, which is the most visited modern art institution of the world. It has gained much attention again after its new wing was opened. The new wing has been named the Swiss House, although at first sight at least reminds more of a strangely shaped pyramid of red bricks. Will be heading for London in about a month’s time and I am really looking forward to visiting the museum and seeing what the new wing has to offer.

  10. How is Brexit going to influence the average tourist from another EU country wanting to visit the Great Britain? I know we will need to get a passport to visit there from now on, but shall we also need a visa or other documentation to prove that we intend to com just for a holiday and will leave at the end of it?

  11. Hi everyone, I will be spending Christmas and New Year in London. Finding info on the best sights of London is easy, thanks to this site, but what about entertainment over the holidays? I have noticed that in many European cities, the scene is rather empty and many places remain closed say on Christmas Day and New Years, is that also the case with London? What can one do in London during those days?

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