There are only a few real global cities on Earth. London is definitely one of them, and many regard it the greatest and most beautiful. For hundreds of years, it was the capital of the British Empire, from where half of the planet was ruled. Within 1,500 years, this remote Roman colony became the center of the world.

Today, London is a bustling cultural city and one of the world’s business centers.  Whatever your heart may desire from a city break, you will definitely find it in London.

As we all know, London is the capital of the United Kingdom, which consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain, in turn, refers to Scotland, Wales and England. London is situated in England, which comprises most of the southern part of the British Isles.

London has a population of about 7.5 million, and the larger metropolitan area is estimated to have 12-14 million residents. The whole population of many a small country could fit in London, so we are not talking about a minor city!

London’s cityscape is dominated by the River Thames, which winds its way through the city. Because the Thames is wide and has powerful flow, historically it has been a major obstacle to cross. Today, however, over 200 bridges cross the river and 17 underwater tunnels unite its two sides.

London’s main airport is Heathrow Airport, which is also the largest airport of the UK and world’s busiest node of international flights. Almost 70 million passengers travel through the airport, which is more than the whole population of the United Kingdom. If you have already visited London, you have most likely travelled through Heathrow. With the increase of low-cost flights, smaller airports located near London – such as Gatwick and Stansted – have become increasingly popular.

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