London Pass

Tourists can buy a special London Pass, which entitles them entry to a large number of attractions, museums and other happenings. You can also buy a pass with Travelcard.


There are passes for 1, 2, 3 and 6 days. You can best find the up-to-date prices at pages, in section prices. At the moment, a 6 Day Pass costs £102 without travel, and £156 with Travelcard. When you purchase a 6 Day Pass with travel, you get Travelcard for 7 days. For more information on Travelcard, please see the Underground page.

What do I get with London Pass?

The pass entitles you entry to a choice of over 60 museums or other attractions or happenings. You can choose, for example, a river cruise on the Thames, The Tower and the Windsor Castle. You also get a 160+ page guidebook and a map. The guidebook includes information on attractions’ location, opening hours and other useful tips. You can also order your London Pass before your journey and have it delivered worldwide with £6.95, but Standard delivery may take up to 15 days. Or, you can place and pay your order online and then collect the Pass free once you get to London. The site often has some campaign, which entitles you even for a slightly lower price (see:

In case you purchase your pass beforehand, please note that you must begin to use it within a year. When you first use your pass, it gets activated.  Since days are counted as calendar days, versus 24hrs, it’s advisable to first use your card in the morning. Should you arrive in London late in the evening, it’s best to activate your pass the next morning. The London Pass can only be used at each attraction once.

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