London receives numerous flights from around the world each day. Even from Finland, there are several daily flights, which mostly depart from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. There are also some direct flights from Turku and Tampere, but if you are flying from other Finnish towns, you will have to pass through Helsinki or another Nordic airport.

London’s main airport is Heathrow. Most of the international flights, also from Finland, use it for arrivals and departures. Other airports are Gatwick and Stansted. The latter is used by the low-cost airline Ryanair. In case you buy a ticket on so-called cheap flight, please remember that trip to London takes more time and costs more from Stansted airport than from Heathrow.

Please find below some sites where you can search for and book flights.  Even if you make your actual reservation elsewhere, you will get an idea of how much the flight is worth paying for. Always pay with your credit card, if possible. In that case the credit card company is responsible should the flight be cancelled due to bankruptcy or any other reason.

List of online booking services:

Each booking service has a different contract with airlines.  That is why their prices and availability may differ substantially.


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