The National Gallery in London

If you fancy a great day out when in London and witness some of the greatest art collections on the planet then come along to the National Gallery in London. One of the most attractive aspects of visiting London is that many galleries and museums are free to get in, and the National Gallery is one of those venues where you won’t have to pay a penny to come in and browse art collections that will take your breath away!

To get here you’ll have to make your way to Trafalgar Square – a square area which is world famous in its own right. There are no fewer than five tubes (underground) stations where you could get off and take a short stroll into the gallery. The nearest one is at Leicester Square but you can walk here in under two minutes from Charing Cross, Piccadilly, Embankment, or Westminster. Here you really will be in the heart of London.

Imagine being able to view priceless works of art for free; by priceless we mean Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rubens, Michelangelo, John Constable, and Sandro Botticelli name but some of the household names in fine and classical art. By the way, Botticelli was the classical 15th-century artist that painted Venus and Mars. You know, the famous one of half-naked people lying around with three cherubs playing with a sword. You’ll see that painting and more at the National Gallery.

Get in the Mood with Music (Classical, of course)

As well as visiting one of the most spectacular galleries in the world you can also listen to classical music here. Once a week concerts take place with composers and musicians playing period sounds that are certain to get you right in the mood to view some of the world’s most elegant and famous works of art.

As well as stroll around and look at outstanding works of art you can grab a coffee or sneak a glass of wine. There are plenty of outlets inside and out where you can grab a bite to eat and the National Gallery has its own café and restaurant.

Buy Arty Stuff

The shop within the gallery is full of postcards to send home to your envious friends and family members and you can also buy a number of books on art that you won’t find in any standard library.



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  1. National Gallery on ollut jokaisen Lontoon matkani huippukohtia, enkä ole oikeastaan vieläkään ehtinyt tutustua kaikkeen siellä esillä olevaan. Käyn suhteellisen usein Lontoossa, joten olen päättänyt tutstua yhteen tai kahteen osastoon tai taiteilijaan kerrallaan. Galleriassa käydessä mukanani on aina opaskirjanen, jossa kerrotaan jokaisen taiteilijan tuotannosta ja tyylisuunnasta.Samoin jokaisesta gallerian seinällä roikkuvasta teoksesta, joten siinä on sitten mukava katsellessa lukea hieman taustatietoja. Välillä kahville ja sitten taas ihailemaan ja oppimaan. Kiireen kanssa ei National Galleryyn mielestäni kannata mennä.

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