Harrods department store is an absolute “must” in London. In addition to the British Museum and the Tower of London, it is amongst the places that most travellers to London have visited.  In fact, Harrods is more of a sight than a place for shopping, at least when ordinary mortals are concerned. Its price level is famously high, but then again, its products are also of superior quality compared to those on the shelves of ordinary department stores.

Yes, Harrods is a store for the very wealthy. Private jets carry rich Arab sheiks with their wives (yes, it’s a plural) for a shopping spree at Harrods. After all, at Harrods money can buy anything, literally. In Britain, the customer is always right, but at Harrods the paying customer is a king, or a queen. You can get pampered by a personal shopping assistant, who will help you in your shopping decisions. Well, maybe not you but the wealthy customers.

This department store always had a very specific reputation; you can buy there anything your heart desires. If it’s not on the shelves, it shall be ordered. And there is plenty on the shelves already. Nowadays, you can naturally place orders online as well. You can download an interactive guide directly from Harrods home page: Harrods Store Guide

The product selection includes many unique items not available elsewhere. There are also products that are made exclusively to be sold at Harrods, so you have more than good chances of finding real rarities to your collection.

You should also be aware, and warned, that there is a dress code at Harrods, which applies not only to the well-dressed staff but to all its customers as well. People dressed in very extravagant style or in uniform have been denied entry, as well as people wearing peculiar hats or having mohican hair-cuts. Even some overweight individuals are said to have been turned away. As Harrods has been involved in some lawsuits regarding the issue, it has somewhat relaxed its standards. Tourists are allowed to enter this “Mecca” in jeans and a T-shirt, as long as they are clean and not overly sweaty. You can take photos once granted an admission, except for places where it is specifically forbidden.

PS. People often pronounce and spell the name wrongly as “Harrolds“, but there is no letter “l”.


Harrods — 2 Comments

  1. Harrods is an absolute must for everyone, even if you cannot afford to actually buy anything. Just strolling inside is an experience you won’t forget and you will get to feel like a billionaire, even if it’s just for an hour. I fell in love with the jewellery section, and the delicatessen; needless to say that I did not buy any single item from either. And do mind your dressing, as they are rather peculiar about women in mini shirts and men in shorts…I even saw a person being turned around at the door because he was carrying a rucksack.

  2. Harrods is not for everybody’s purse, but it is a great place to see shining limousines and all sorts of items you didn’t even know existed…and probably will never again witness with your own eyes. The astonishing store has seven floors and over 300 separate department, each dedicated to a specific product categories, make sure one never gets bored or runs out of wonders to see. You probably won’t need a shopping assistant, except if you arrive with serious shopping intentions and a sturdy bank account to back that desire.

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