Besides the Coliseum in Rome, Wembley Stadium has to be the all-time greatest destination for football fans. So much history has happened on this field. It is one of those places everyone should experience; the awe, the tunnel, the “vibe”, the vastness, the sensory overload of smells and colors. This “field” has a “je ne sais quois” about it. You just have to be there. People ask “but what is there to see at a stadium, just a bunch of seats?” This is kind of like saying, “why visit the Louvre, just has a bunch of paintings in it.” The fact is that some of the greatest moments in Football Association history have taken place here.

Of course, you have to take the tour while you are there and bring the best camera you can. You will be allowed so close to the field you can smell the grass. You will want pics! There are two levels of tours, but trust us, you want the VIP tour (book online in advance here). With this tour you get to take a pic with the FA cup, and climb the steps to the Royal Box. The tour includes ‘The FA150 Exhibition’ which highlights the history of the Football Association as the original governing body football. You can see the Original Rules of Association Football from 1863 and the 1966 Jules Rimet Trophy (aka The World Cup).

Wembley stadium went through a major remodel in 2007, which is the stadium as you see it today. But one of the most popular remnants of the old stadium is the 1948 Olympic stone that was saved. It lists all of the medal winners during those games. London hosted these Olympic Games after a 12 year hiatus because of WWII.

Wembley stadium is easy to get to via public transportation and is located at Empire Way, Wembley, London, HA9 0WS



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  1. My husband dragged me along to Wembley and I really did not understand what all the fuss is about. It may be every man’s dream, but definitely a boring place for us women. Well, the FA cup is impressive due to its size but I did not get excited about watching the old photos of football teams or football games, nor saw anything fabulous about caressing Beckham’s shirt. Maybe if the man was still inside the shirt…

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