London is full of different sights from different ages, and offers plenty to see and experience.  You can find sights from the Roman era, Middle Ages, all the way to the wonders of Modern Ages and unique Victorian splendor.

This page gives you a brief introduction to the main sights, which are then discussed in more detail on their own page(s). You are directed there form the link: “Read more…” at the end of each description.


Tower of London with its White Tower

Tower of London. Centrally located in the heart of the city, stands proudly the Tower of London. The castle has served both as a royal palace as a prison. The central activities of London used to be located there. In the photo, you can see the “White Tower”, the keep that stands in the middle of the castle and served as the king’s residence.  It is the oldest part of the castle area. Below the White Tower, you can see part of the wall that surrounds the castle. The arched opening in the wall, (bottom left) is the famous “Traitors’ Gate“. Through this gate criminals and traitors were brought in the castle by boat. Read more…

This is what London Bridge looks like today

London Bridge. London was built on the banks of the Thames and has been inhabited since the Neolithic times thousands of years ago. The river not only provided livehood and served as travel route, but was also a barrier for movements. It is both wide and deep with very strong currents. Taming the mighty river has required considerable engineering skills and tremendous effort. The oldest bridge passing the Thames is London Bridge. In the old days, its original ancestor was the only bridge there was, and all crossings had to be done at the very spot. One couldn’t build a small and modest bridge on this river, as it had to stand the strong flow and its own weight. Thus, the result was a massive, sturdy bridge. Read more about London Bridge

British Museum's main entranceBritish Museum is undoubtedly the most famous museum in the world. The whole history of humankind can be seen under one roof. Authentic and original artifacts, whose photos are printed in every history book’s pages. The British Museum is an absolute “must” when visiting England, and definitely worth seeing. Since entrance is free, visiting the museum shouldn’t be a matter of money. You may want to spend a few pounds at the museum’s shop, for a good cause, of course. Read more about the British Museum


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